Quality Control Process

At Unifoam, simple and embossed PVC foam boards are made of different thicknesses for different applications. During the manufacturing process, in order to increase customer satisfaction and the quality of products, they must be strictly controlled during the manufacturing process. To this purpose, Unifoam is equipped with a quality control lab where all products are manufactured under the supervision and quality control.

In the manufacturing process, mechanical properties of products including density, water uptake, heat deflection temperature, flammability, and stress at break point, nominal elongation at break point, flexural modulus, Charpy impact test and hardness (Shore D) are controlled with related parameters. Since most of the products are subject to different shaping and cutting processes, after these steps, they are checked for their quality, thickness, length, width and twisting, as well as the acute and specific conditions that most of these products undergo during the manufacturing process. These products need to have a set of features as the following tables show:

At the final quality control, the products are classified into four grades + A (premium), A (grade one), C (grade one and a half), and grade 2 and they are packaged in pallets of 25 to 100 sheets according to customer’s order.