About Paya Industrial Group :

Although Paya Industrial Group has a relatively short history since its establishment in 2007, it has been able to quickly gain a foothold in the target markets by employing experienced and motivated personnel and world-class technology. Vispar Irrigation Equipment and PVC foam boards manufactured under Unifoam brand are among the most well-known products of this group in Paya subsidiaries.

What set Paya Co. apart from other competitors is the path it takes and the position it strives to reach. Our vision is to create a green land for our children and we attempt to achieve it along with meeting customer needs, protecting the environment, obtaining profitability, and satisfying our colleagues.

About us

About Unifoam:

One of the subsidiaries of Paya Industrial Group, Unifoam was established in 2015 to produce polymer sheets. It utilizes specialists to integrate science and technology to manufacture quality products. The company strives to use specialized knowledge to not only enhance the quality of its products but also offer them at competitive prices. The Unifoam Group initiated the manufacturing industry relying on its motivated and innovative staff to drive sustainable growth, market leadership, build a trusted brand and draw upon ethical values and social responsibilities. It will spare no effort to be recognized as an authentic, dynamic, and entrepreneurial company that values social rights.